Working with six Indian NGO partners, we plan & deliver livelihood projects in some of the poorest villages in rural India, particularly benefiting marginalised, low-caste & tribal people & especially women.

The scale of poverty in rural India is vast. Thousands of NGOs work to make an impact on it – these range from the huge and bureaucratic, to the tiny and locally-focused. We position ourselves between these two – choosing a few strategic areas around India in which to concentrate our efforts and build our impact, working at ‘grass-roots’ level through chosen partners with carefully selected village communities.  We apply our training and resources so that their effect can be sustained and multiplied to help support village livelihood on a significant scale.

Our aim is to widen and deepen the effect of our initiatives to the point where the beneficiaries themselves take over control and we are no longer needed.

We seek to balance a genuinely ‘holistic’ approach to community needs with a specialised focus on primary areas of intervention such as income-generation and micro-finance, access to water and primary healthcare, empowering women to  learn skills and participate in village decision-making.


We focus on improving access to water & sanitation, improving health & nutrition and supporting women’s income generation.

Our Focus


All of our projects focus on water & sanitation, health & nutrition with particular emphasis on the role & rights of women.

Current Projects


We’ve put a lot of thought into our “Village Livelihood Model” which lies at the heart of all of our projects.

Livelihood Model
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