Do you have a particular skill or talent that we could make use of at Jeevika? We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to give up their time to help our cause. Here are just a few of the skills we could utilise…


Know Twitter from Tumblr and Snapchat from Instagram? You could be our ‘Media-meister’!

Share our news, highlight events and push fundraising, whilst connecting with the local names have all the right connections. Just a couple of hours a week as our Digital Engager and you could help us reach the parts of social media that other charities can’t.


Love ticking off tasks on a spreadsheet? You could be our ‘Party Planner’!

The more events we put on, the more we can raise our profile and help us raise more money. If you have more time to give and like managing fundraisers, share your experience with us as our Occasion Maker.


Are you happiest behind the lens? You could be our ‘Director’!

At our events, we need someone taking snaps, recording mini-movies nd taking short interviews for all our content requirements. Lend us your eye for just a few hours a month as our Image Maker, taking images for our website, press releases and social media.


Does public speaking thrill you? You could be our ‘TED Talker’!

One of the ways we reach out to new supporters is by giving talks to local community groups. Give us your voice once a month, depending on engagements, as our Speech Maker, telling audiences all about the work we do at Jeevika Trust.


Like talking to people at community events? You could be our ‘Networker’!

We’ve just started having stalls at fairs and fetes across our local area of Hampton Wick and we need you to be our Stalls Rep, enticing people to our stand, telling them about Jeevika, signing them up to our mailing list and even getting donations in.

Melissa HicksVolunteering