The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.



  • 1 in 5 girls drop out of school in rural India after reaching puberty?

  • 70% of all female reproductive diseases in India are caused by poor menstrual hygiene?

  • 70% of women in India can’t afford sanitary napkins, instead turning to unhygienic and used cloths?

We’re working hard to change that…. Project SNAPS empowers women and girls through awareness and training to promote menstrual hygiene and to provide access to sanitary napkins (SNAPS)

Project SNAPS : The Facts

Delivering Partner: Jeevan Rekha Parishad (JRP)

Supported by: Monsoon Trust

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Odisha, Eastern India

Focus: Sanitation, Health, Women’s Income Generation

Direct Beneficiaries: 2500

This pilot project addresses the need of 2,500 Tribal women & adolescent girls living in 25 villages in the Chandaka Forest Area of Odisha to have access to hygienic, cost-effective, eco-disposable sanitary napkins (SNAPS). Women villagers formed into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) will produce the SNAPS & generate income from their sale to health workers & schools. With access to SNAPS in schools, girls have the opportunity to remain in education (over 20% of girls drop out of school  on menstruation). The project will also address issues of reproductive health & hygiene.

Please click here to download a PDF summary of Project SNAPS.

Project SNAPS Case Study

Project SNAPS helps real people… Read our case study below to find out how our projects have helped two high schools in Odisha.

Utkalmani Girls High School in the Khurdha District of Odisha, is one of the two schools where JRP installed a sanitary napkin vending machine to support their need for low-cost, hygienic SNAPS. Prior to the installation of the vending machine, many girls missed at least four days of school each month which amounts to more than one month per year. They fell behind in their studies and sometimes even dropped out of school completely.

Read on to find out how Project SNAPS has changed the lives of these girls…

Thanks to Project SNAPS I now know the importance of menstrual health and hygiene.

Project SNAPS Photos and Videos

Below are a selection of photos taken of some of the women and girls who have benefited from Project SNAPS and also some photos showing the sanitary napkins being produced by local women, providing them with a sustainable income.

Check out this short video from our recent crowdfunding campaign to get a feel for what Project SNAPS is all about.

Project SNAPS has been rolled out in 25 villages in rural India to date, but there are still so many villages we haven’t reached yet.

So please do consider making a donation to help us keep Project SNAPS alive in India. Every penny raised will help improve the lives of women and girls who are continuously ignored whilst the rich, get richer.

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We are committed to maintaining our relationships with the villages which our projects serve & our initiatives are designed to have long-term, sustainable benefits for the whole community. Click the link below to see our past projects.

PLEASE NOTE: Jeevika Trust is not a grant-making organisation. We build meaningful relationships with our partner organisations & develop projects together. We do not consider unsolicited requests for funding & we are currently fully committed to our six existing partners.

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