Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right.

Kofi Annan


  • Almost 60 million people in rural India lack access to safe water to drink or cook with.

  • 72% of rural households lack access to adequate sanitation.

  • Over half of rural India’s 870 million people still practice open defecation.

  • 21% of all diseases and deaths in India result from unclean water.

We’re working hard to change that…. Through our Project PANI we build the capacity of Tribal villagers to provide better access to safe water and sanitation facilities in the Chandaka Forest Area of Odisha.

This initiative provides rooftop water harvesting, sanitation facilities & a solar energy system to 120 students in one school & 2 hand-pumps & toilets to 100 families in two adjoining villages. Students become ECO Club members & help promote a better understanding of water, sanitation, hygiene & environmental issues within the school. Issues related to health and hygiene are also addressed with villagers formed into Committees which are trained to ensure ongoing maintenance of village hand-pumps & toilets.

Please click here to download the full Project PANI handout.

Project PANI : The Facts

Delivering Partner: Jeevan Rekha Parishad (JRP)

Supported by: Waterloo Foundation

Duration: March 2015 – February 2016

Location: Odisha, Eastern India

Focus: Water & Sanitation

Direct Beneficiaries: 550

Total lives touched: 550

Below are a selection of photos taken of just some of the villagers who have benefited from Project PANI.

Project PANI Case Study

Project PANI helps real people… Read our case study below to find out how our projects have changed the lives of people living in the remote village of Udada.

Udada is a remote Tribal village located in the hilly forest area of Daspalla Block in the Nayagarh District of Odisha. There are 45 Tribal families living here, all belonging to the Parija Tribe. Government officials rarely visit the village. There is no school, no electricity, no toilets and a lack of safe drinking water. All the villagers, including children, are illiterate.

Read on to find out how Project PANI has changed the lives of these villagers…

Beekeeping and Toilets change the status of Tribal women in Udada.

Project PANi has helped many people in rural India to date, but there are still so many villages we haven’t reached yet.

So please do consider making a donation to help us keep our water and sanitation projects alive in India. Every penny raised will help improve the lives of women and girls who are continuously ignored whilst the rich, get richer.

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We are committed to maintaining our relationships with the villages which our projects serve & our initiatives are designed to have long-term, sustainable benefits for the whole community. Click the link below to see our past projects.

PLEASE NOTE: Jeevika Trust is not a grant-making organisation. We build meaningful relationships with our partner organisations & develop projects together. We do not consider unsolicited requests for funding & we are currently fully committed to our six existing partners.

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