I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.

Dr B R Ambedkar


In Indian villages women earn on average 30% less than men.

35% of rural women are illiterate compared to 18% of men.

Women villagers work almost 11 hours more than urban women and 12 hours more than urban men per week.

We’re working hard to change that…. Through our Project MNEP we are extending and expanding our existing Tribal women’s beekeeping network. Our beekeeping projects provides an economically viable, environmentally sound and sustainable livelihood in Odisha.

Following the success of our original Madhu Network Project, funded over 2 years with £60,000 from the UK government, we are expanding the initiative to a further two villages. Tribal women, formed into Self-Help Groups, are provided with beekeeping equipment & training in the production & marketing of honey, providing a viable, sustainable income. As our flagship honey-production project, we are always seeking new funding to expand it to further villages, as we believe it is easily & infinitely replicable.

Please click here to download the full Project MNEP handout.

Project MNEP : The Facts

Delivering Partner: Jeevan Rekha Parishad (JRP)

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Odisha, Eastern India

Focus: Women’s Income Generation

Direct Beneficiaries: 350

Indirect Beneficiaries: 150

Total lives touched: 180

Project MNEP Photo Gallery

Below are a selection of photos taken of some of the women who have benefited from our beekeeping projects.

Project MNEP Case Study

Project MNEP helps real people… Read our case study below to find out how our beekeeping project has helped Jani and her family in the Chandaka Tribal Forest area.

Jani lives in Badakuradangi village in the Chandaka Tribal Forest area with her husband, Sudam, and their son and daughter.  The family lives below the poverty line on less than £1.50 per day. To survive and to help send their small children to school, both Jani and her husband have traditionally gone to the forest to collect wood, fruit and wild honey to sell at the local market.

Read on to find out how Project MNEP has changed the lives of Jani and her family…

Beekeeping makes me so happy!

Project MNEP has been rolled out in 15 villages in Odisha, Eastern India to date, but there are still so many villages we haven’t reached yet.

So please do consider making a donation to help us continue our beekeeping projects in India. Every penny raised will help improve the lives of women and girls who are continuously ignored whilst the rich, get richer.

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We are committed to maintaining our relationships with the villages which our projects serve & our initiatives are designed to have long-term, sustainable benefits for the whole community. Click the link below to see our past projects.

PLEASE NOTE: Jeevika Trust is not a grant-making organisation. We build meaningful relationships with our partner organisations & develop projects together. We do not consider unsolicited requests for funding & we are currently fully committed to our six existing partners.

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