The future of India, lies in it’s villages.



India has the third largest number of people living with HIV in the world.

Poor understanding of reproductive health has led to stigmatisation of people living with HIV/AIDS.

We’re working hard to change that…. Through our Project MITHRA we are providing village families living with HIV/AIDS with counselling, nutrition, household income and community support.

Mithra Foundation works with 100 women & men villagers living with HIV/AIDS in 9 villages near Trichy in Tamil Nadu to assist them to generate income so they can improve their nutritional intake & contribute to the cost of health care & other household needs. Mithra also provides crèches so children of these families may be cared for while their parents engage in goat-rearing or the making of garlands, jewellery or votive candles. A Revolving Fund supports women beneficiaries through loans & savings to expand or initiate new enterprises to help increase their household income. This project also works to help improve understanding of HIV/AIDS-related issues in the wider community.

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Project MITHRA : The Facts

Delivering Partner: Mithra Foundation (MF)

Supported by: Zurich Foundation & Marr-Munning Trust

Duration: Awaiting new programme

Location: Tamil Nadu, Southern India

Focus: Health & Nutrition, Women’s Income Generation

Direct Beneficiaries: 100

Indirect Beneficiaries: 500

Total lives touched: 600

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Project MITHRA Case Studies

Project MITHRA helps real people… Read our case studies below to find out how our projects are helping real families living with HIV/AIDS in rural India.

Dhanalakshmi has been on Anti-Retroviral therapy (ART) for 12 years and still finds it difficult to accept the fact that both her children are HIV positive and are on ART. After her husband’s death, her mother-in-law introduced Dhanalakshmi to Mithra’s staff when Dhanalakshmi was finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Read on to find out how Project MITHRA has changed Dhanalakshmi’s life for the better…

Thanks to Project Mithra, my children and I have enough to feed ourselves.

Supported by Mithra Foundation, we have managed to improve the lives of many families in rural India. But there are many more women living with HIV/AIDS in rural India who still need our help.

So please do consider making a donation to help us continue our beekeeping projects in India. Every penny raised will help improve the lives of women and girls who are continuously ignored whilst the rich, get richer.

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We are committed to maintaining our relationships with the villages which our projects serve & our initiatives are designed to have long-term, sustainable benefits for the whole community. Click the link below to see our past projects.

PLEASE NOTE: Jeevika Trust is not a grant-making organisation. We build meaningful relationships with our partner organisations & develop projects together. We do not consider unsolicited requests for funding & we are currently fully committed to our six existing partners.

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