AKSHAYA KSHETRAM provides specialised residential care for 120 mentally challenged people (including orphans) in South India and engages with the community to reduce the stigma associated with disability and mental illness.


Our Rural Women’s Livelihood Programme (RWLP) currently benefits – through our five partners – the income-generation and micro-activities of more than 1,500 women formed into over 300 Self-Help Groups which, over the last 5 years, have generated over £200,000 to contribute to household incomes, the improvement of which assists nutrition, food security, health and hygiene within the family and boosts self-sufficiency within the village economy. Other projects supported by Jeevika and delivered by the same partners provide access to safe water, sanitation facilities and help families living with HIV/AIDS. Overall these projects have had an impact on or are currently benefiting nearly 100,000 villagers in over 100 villages across Tamil Nadu & Odisha.


Project MNEP extends the capacity of an existing network of 350 women beekeepers in 15 villages while simultaneously replicating these activities as an economically viable and sustainable industry in the Chandaka Forest of Odisha, India.

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Project SNAPS empowers women and girls through awareness and training to promote menstrual hygiene and to provide access to hygienic, cost-effective, eco-disposable sanitary napkins.

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Project PANI enables people living in remote villages to gain the skills needed for construction of rainwater conservation & ground recharge systems that ensure sustainable sources of safe water.

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Project SEED enables Dalit women living below the poverty line (£1.50 per day) to generate an income and be free from discrimination and domestic violence.

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Project MITHRA addresses the need of village families living with HIV/AIDS to maintain their health and socio-economic status whilst faced with poor health and challenges which limit employment.

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Our Stakeholder Workshops are integral to the design of Jeevika’s Rural Women’s Livelihood Programme & are designed to strengthen project delivery by our partner organisations, especially our smaller partners. Since 2009, Jeevika has held eight Stakeholder Workshops for its partners.

We are committed to maintaining our relationships with the villages which our projects serve & our initiatives are designed to have long-term, sustainable benefits for the whole community. Click the link below to see our past projects.

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