We look for successful, well-managed, socially aware companies to share with us the huge, global-scale challenge of rural poverty in India.

Whether or not you do business in India, you can still do your bit to help tackle the challenge: joining hands with Jeevika will give you the benefit of our 40 years of experience of just what village poverty means.

Whether you fund one of our village livelihood projects for £10 – 20K, or sponsor a high profile Jeevika event such as a Lecture for 600 people at the Royal Geographic Society in London, or a ‘Walk for Water’ in Hampton Court park, you will certainly enrich your social responsibility profile among the people who matter to you.

Is India growing rich under globalisation with new business opportunities popping up every day in the boom cities of Bangalore and Mumbai? For the elite, and the urban middle classes, the answer is yes: in 2014, India surpassed Japan as the world’s third largest economy, and more and more companies are opting to outsource work to India. India seems to be thriving.

But India has another face.  Of the 800 million or so people of rural India, more than 200 million – a population greater than the whole of Brazil’s – are classed as officially Below the Poverty Line of $1.90 – about £1.30 – per day (‘BPL’). These people are not reaping the rewards of globalisation and dramatic economic growth.  Villagers’ access to water, shelter, health, food security, literacy and human dignity is more fragile than ever.  Women and children especially bear the burdens of family existence. The urban/rural divide gets deeper.

It is time to do something about this.  And Business has its part to play. 

What’s the deal? What you can gain from a partnership with Jeevika Trust is clear:

  • Broaden your experience of rural India and its needs and opportunities
  • Differentiate yourselves from your competition
  • Create positive media and branding opportunities
  • Build on existing relationships with your key target audiences
  • Engage and motivate employees, suppliers and customers
  • Support a cause relevant to your employees, suppliers and customers
  • Potentially increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Benefit from tax incentives

…. and the value you can bring to that partnership is not just money, but also skills you take for granted:

  • Entrepreneurship and competitive energy
  • Communication & Marketing skills
  • Organisational, HR and training skills
  • Financial expertise
  • Technologies and how to use them
  • Management experience.

So we invite you to weigh up this proposition and engage with us in choosing the best way for you and Jeevika to work together in building and fulfilling your social responsibilities, while making a measurable difference in Village India.

As well as generating any of these benefits, you may have more specific corporate objectives you want to achieve.  If this is the case, please let us know and we will be happy to try and work them into the campaign while also raising vitally needed funds for Jeevika Trust.


Cause related marketing is where a company and a charity create a partnership to market a product or service for mutual benefit.

 Consumers are increasingly likely to purchase products linked to a good cause, especially if it is relevant.  This partnership can also build strong and important social values into your product and the longer the partnership continues, the stronger the values become.

 If you are interested in this simple and effective way of making your company stand out in the crowded market place, please get in touch.


Is your company looking for a Charity of the Year?  Why not nominate us and let us become part of your key community investment programme?

 Nominating Jeevika Trust as your Charity of the Year is a fantastic way of getting the whole company to make a real difference.  It can have a really positive impact on your whole team by boosting morale, developing team spirit and team-working skills, enhancing your company’s image, and generating great press opportunities.

 We would be delighted to develop a scheme that fits with your team’s needs and requirements


What better way is there to improve staff morale and motivation, develop team-working skills and improve cross and inter-departmental relationships than to challenge your staff to raise money for a growing charity like Jeevika Trust?  And why not show support for your staff by matching, pound for pound, all of the money they raise?  It’s also a great way of telling your customers just how much you value your staff and believe in the cause.

 Ideas could be as simple as organising a pub quiz, a staff picnic, or raffle or could be as crazy as climbing the Himalaya, sitting in a bath of baked beans for a day or running the London Marathon.  Whatever the idea, every penny really helps.

 If you or a member of your team would like to raise money for us, then give us a ring and we can help you plan and organise your most successful fundraising event yet!


Would you like to offer the support of your business but aren’t able to offer financial support?

Giving a gift in kind is often just as usual as giving a financial contribution.  Your gift could be your expert skills in a field such a PR, it could be offering the charity the use of printing facilities or vital equipment such as sewing machines and bee hives.

Please note – While we really appreciate all offers of help and support, unfortunately we are unable to ship any gifts of equipment from the UK out to our projects in India, so all material gifts would either need to already be in India or shipped over at your expense.  Jeevika Trust does not turn down any gift lightly.


Displaying a collection tin or some of our leaflets in your shop or around your business is an easy way to collect money but also spread the word about the work we do at Jeevika Trust.  A tin placed on the payment counter in your shop can happily receive your customers’ loose change all day, day in day out.  Why not give it a go?

 We can provide you with as many tins and leaflets as you would like and it really couldn’t be easier to show your customers that you are making a difference and that they can help too.  For more information or to order your collection tins and leaflets please contact us.


At Jeevika Trust we are always open to new ideas for corporate collaborations.  If you have an idea of how you want to support our work that is not listed above please just give the team a ring and we will be happy to discuss your ideas, needs, wants and questions.  You can contact us on 020 8973 3773 or via email.


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