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The starting point of all our considerations is poverty, or rather, a degree of poverty which means misery, and degrades and stultifies the human person.
E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful


House of Lords Reception with Vince Cable MP
We are delighted that our patron Lord Dholakia is kindly hosting a reception for us at the House of Lords in November, with Dr Vince Cable MP and Baroness Northover, DFID spokesperson in the House of Lords, as guest speakers. With an invited audience of representatives from parliament, and the business and charity sectors,Jeevika will be seeking to advance awareness of the tri-sector approach to rural development. While attendance is by invitation only, please check our blog for updates on the reception

Theatrical Production in France supports Jeevika!
Do please visit and look at ‘Current Happenings’ to read about the theatre production ‘Rose’, starring Fiona York and put on by What Larks, the English-speaking Performing Arts group, in several venues in Provence during September. We’re hugely grateful to What Larks, and to Anthony de Moubray who introduced us, for dedicating 10% of their takings from these performances to Jeevika

Charity Record 'LIFE' by Tarka and friends
We are honoured to have been chosen as a small and effective charity in village India to be the beneficiaries of a tribute album to the late cult singer Tarka Cordell. The album features a track by Lily Allen and has been launched earlier this year by Tarka’s brother Barney to whom Jeevika is very grateful for his part in this link

Order your copy online here

Jeevika's Current Projects in India
To learn more about what’s going on in the field, take a look at this overview.

Fundraising & Communications Officer. We’re seeking a part-time volunteer with energy and imagination to join our small, mostly volunteer team based in Hampton Wick near Kingston-on-Thames. The role will be to engage with and build local support, organise events and help build our core income to keep our projects in India going. Please e-mail for more details.

Footsteps to Freedom – our appeal this year is focused on the wonderful new ‘Integrated Resource Centre’ constructed by our NGO partner SCAD in the very southern tip of India, for treatment of disabled young people from 450 surrounding villages: now the IRC needs support for equipment & operating costs – so PLEASE visit

'Adopt a hive' Gift Choices
Bee-lieve in Village India and give a practical gift to your loved one

For more details about taking part in any of our events or organising your own, please email

Impact Assessment

2014 News Update


Impact Assessment: BasantiWhere does your money go? How are daily lives different? Does our Rural Women's Livelihood Development Programme create dependence or independence?

These are tough questions that deserve honest answers. We did a review, complete with interviews and statistics, and the results were positive. In the words of Basanti (a member of a Self Help Group that cultivates crabs): 'Earlier we were very idle; now we are active. Now we have the savings to live. We are free from the four walls of the house.'

Read more in our Impact Assessment

Jeevika's 8th Capacity-building Workshop in Bangalore on 15-18 September 2014 brought together our 5 NGO partners.  Led by , and Judith our Programmes Officer it challenged some traditional notions of gender.We also explored new ways of analysing, planning & implementing initiatives that are vital for achieving women’s empowerment. Issues related to hygiene, reproductive health & income-generation were high on the agenda and it was a great success.

Project Madhu Network concluded. On 27 July our project team here, Mark and Judith, had its final meeting with DFID officers to close this ground-breaking 2-year project for 300 women honey-producers in Odisha, east India. We now seek funding to extend the project to other parts of Odisha. Have a look at Part 1 of our recent blog ‘Bees in the Big Picture’. (

India’s May 2014 general election . Slated as the biggest democratic election ever held, this huge event brought a new man to the helm of India: while the country and the world will be watching Narendra Modi’s leadership, his stance in support of business prosperity without corruption, and his recorded care for both the role of women and the future of rural India are favourable straws in the wind. Have a look at the blog ‘Will the new Government offer a People-centred Policy?’ posted on 10 June 2014 by our Bangalore-based coordinator Priya (

Innocent Foundation visits Chilika Lake in east India. is a prime supporter of Jeevika’s projects, and IF’s Geraldine Visser has been there for a 2-week learning & development visit . When Cyclone Phailin ravaged India’s east coast in October 2013, IF helped restore our livelihood Project ECO on ecologically-vulnerable Berhampur village in the Chilika Lake sea lagoon. Implemented by our NGO partner JRP (, IFs additional support enabled the island’s women to restore their crab and prawn cultivation activities. You’ll be able to read Geraldine’s blogs of the women villagers she met on our website from the middle of September (

21 January 2014 RGS Lecture – the East India Company(EIC) Nick Robins, leading expert on the EIC, kindly spoke without charge for Jeevika’s benefit to an audience of nearly 400 at the Royal Geographic Society in Kensington: as author of ‘The Corporation that Changed the World’ his special angle on this fascinating story, up until the EIC’s rapid extinction after 1857, was the very topical question of ‘too big to fail’ and consequent government bail-out. There was a first-class Q & A session after the Lecture, and we are greatly indebted to Nick for his stimulating support.